When a Team is Required

When a Team is Required
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

You might remember me writing about my shoulder injury in a post called Small Gains for Big Pains. As I wrote earlier, progress is slow.

But recovery seems to be improving with the help of a personal trainer. I didn’t know I needed a team of professionals.

My physical therapist keeps suggesting my injury likely developed over a long period of time. I’m going to guess it could be the eleven years that I’ve been lifting weights – incorrectly. I experienced some pain but continued to lift, causing further damage. (Weight lifters aren’t known for their smarts.)

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in making mistakes and needing help to recover. Of course the question I always ask is how is this like your weight loss journey? First of all, forgive yourself for the mistakes you might have made in the past, eleven years or otherwise. Most problems don’t happen overnight. Secondly, whom can you call on for support so you can do what you need to do to recover – right here in present time?

Pick your team
• Exercise buddy
• Accountability partner
• Personal trainer
• Coach
• Therapist
• Dietitian
• Doctor
• Babysitter
• Cheerleader

Is it difficult for you to ask for help? Know that having support makes a big difference as you move through change. And it’s a sign of strength to allow it. Surrender to those who can help.

What I’ve learned
I am putting my ego aside as I work with rubber bands and puny little weights.
I’ve become much more mindful of my posture throughout the day.
I am paying more attention to my technique in the gym.
I won’t tolerate pain before calling in support.

Considering the improvements I’m making, perhaps this journey will have been well worthwhile.