Wealth or Health – Finding your Motivator

Wealth or Health – Finding your Motivator
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

I’ve never been motivated by money. Not that I don’t appreciate money and, like most people, wouldn’t mind a lot more of it. It’s just never been a driver for me.

Now what really excites me to action is anything to do with health and wellness or personal development. I can’t learn or get enough of that. Hustling my butt for bucks? Not so much.

If you really want something, like money or health and wellness, it’s a good idea to find an important reason to be interested in it. Pushing yourself doesn’t always last as long as you need it to. No power without true will.

Take exercise for example – most of us have to push a little, myself included, to keep up a consistent workout schedule. It’s not because exercise is always fun and exciting that I do it. I do it because I know full well how important it is to every aspect of my health. Unfit and unhealthy is not an option for me. I want to be able-bodied and the healthiest version of me for as long as I am around. Part of it is what I don’t want. That can be motivating also, but that’s not where I put my attention.

Now if you can identify a personal core value, like I value health, you can use it to motivate you to your goal. Another way of getting to that all-important reason is to drill down a bit.

It might sound like this. Ask yourself why good health is important (or whatever you want).
I want to feel better
Why do you want to feel better?
Because I currently feel sluggish, and ache-y
What would you rather have?
Energy and vitality
What will that get you?
I’d travel more. See the world.
Why is that important?
I love history and learning about new places.
Why is that important?
As a child we traveled a lot. I learned to appreciate culture. I feel connected when I travel.

Now you’ve got something meaningful. Keep the importance of connection front and center to stay motivated.

We probably all want to feel good and have more money to spend. The reasons why we want it are different for each of us. Figure out why it’s important to you and you’re that much closer to having it.

Money doesn’t motivate me, but supporting people who want health and wellness does.