Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

Last week I wrote about the benefits of getting outdoors in winter. I knew we had a cold spell coming, (understatement) but I didn’t fully consider how foolish my words would sound when the temperature plummeted to -20 Celsius on publishing day. -20 is clearly a signal to plan indoor activities.

Right Idea + Wrong Time = Bad Idea.

How important is timing? Well, have you ever made a joke that didn’t land? It could have been the timing. A difficult conversation will go more smoothly if the time is right. Need a favor? Check your timing. Even gift giving is impacted by timing. Timing is everything.

Consider the effects of timing on weight and wellness:

  • Planning dinner on the way home, or the moment you get in the door will not yield the best menu. Try planning dinner the night before, or in the morning.
  • Going to bed right after stimulating activity doesn’t usually induce sleep. Spend some time winding down before hitting the hay. (Watching TV isn’t usually winding down, unless you’re watching fish swim.)
  • Disciplining yourself to exercise regularly is not ideal if you’re not ready. Spend time researching or planning the what, where or when instead. This is an important first step and better than rushing in.
  • Agreeing to every invite that comes your way could wear you down. Saying no when warranted will protect your health and vitality.
  • Consuming food or drink without consideration might be an emotional issue. It might also be a timing issue. Take a pause before you partake.

In many cases, listening to your body will help you recognize good timing. But before you go out for a run, take it from me, check the weather.

Timing is everything. Everything is timing.