Threat or Opportunity

Threat or Opportunity
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

We have never before experienced anything quite like this in our lives. What Covid-19 is doing to people and the economy all at once, and all over our planet, is unprecedented.

We’ve been given the opportunity to pause. For some it might feel more like a threat.

How we think about things matters. We create stories and meaning based on our thoughts, which aren’t always in our best interest.

There’s no denying that this virus poses a threat, and feeling threatened doesn’t feel very good, or bring about much good either.

When we view change as a threat we lose our power. We feel like a victim versus a victor. The pandemic gives us plenty of ammunition to be fearful, angry or sad if we allow it, but what if we could use this time to become better? We could go inside to reflect, to question, to shift perspective, or to make peace with ourselves.

When we view change as an opportunity we rise to the occasion. We come from a place of choice versus destiny.

It’s not to say that this is a time for big and bold goals. It’s not. But it’s a great time to accept what we cannot change, to relinquish control (that we never had), to rest, to connect with others in a more meaningful way, or to do some of the things we’ve never given ourselves time or permission to do. That’s opportunity.

It’s okay if you’re not seeing opportunity right now. Just consider that it might be there when you feel ready to look.