The Domino Effect 8/10

The Domino Effect 8/10
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah
August 2010


Have you seen my garage? I can’t believe I said that. Since when is a garage a woman’s domain? There was a time when I parked my car in it that I could have called it mine. But now it is home to my husband Ken’s passion for woodworking.

After what seemed like a very long time (of not parking in the garage) Ken completed his first big project. He designed and built a beautiful cabinet to create some additional storage for our kitchen (and of course to cut some wood).

Fait accompli? Not quite.

The white wall that was to be the backdrop for the new furniture was just not worthy. We had to paint it a vibrant color to highlight the masterpiece. That meant also painting the rest of the kitchen, the front entrance, the back closet and half bath. New light fixtures were in order. And of course the transfer of dishes to the new buffet caused a total kitchen re-org. The quest for complementary objets d’ art has just begun.

Now I know why it’s called woodworking. This buffet has been a lot of work!

Homeowners know that there is always something more to do. And so it is with life.

Just when running 5 K becomes easy, you must increase the frequency, distance, pace or intensity, or the benefits plateau.

You can do your job with your eyes closed. Oh-oh. They are closed. Is it time for a new challenge?

You think you know everything about your partner and then he takes up woodworking.

A client said recently, "I thought it was about losing 40 pounds. It’s not. It’s about how I treat myself." When you change one attitude or belief, everything changes, like a domino effect. So for everything we learn or do, there is more to learn or do. And that’s a good thing.

Life is a journey, hopefully complete with twists and turns ripe with adventure and experience. We can learn and grow from them, especially when life sucks.

How to keep it together when the dominoes tumble.

Accept change. It’s the only thing that is certain.

Enjoy the present. It’s easy to say – tougher to do. So don’t get ahead of yourself. The present moment is where change occurs. All that worry doesn’t change a darned thing. My splendiferous Mary Todd daylilies remind me, well . . . daily. You see, their gigantic, beautiful blooms last but a day. Each day brings another bouquet.

Have no expectations. This is very different from having low expectations. I don’t encourage that. When you have no expectations of certain outcomes you can ride the waves of change and live in the present.

Stick with it. You could be ready for a breakthrough.

Life, or personal growth, is like a woodworking project.

You start with a plan.

Sometimes it works.

It’s harder than you thought.

You need to do a lot of sanding to get a beautiful finish.

And it’s SO worth it!

Finally, as my husband always says, "You can’t have too many clamps." . . . (a.k.a. support systems that hold you together.)

Ken is building new hand railings. What’s next for you?


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