The Best Way to Get the Most out of Everything

The Best Way to Get the Most out of Everything
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

On the odd occasion a client will call me for their appointment while driving. Sometimes they’re washing dishes. These are often the same people who are worn out and just want a break, but they have difficulty taking one. So I make a plea for their full attention.

When I’m coaching I might ask a difficult question, make a surprising observation, or I might even share something profound. Being coached and driving are not compatible. And multi-tasking is not effective.

Multi-tasking is defined as trying to perform two or more tasks simultaneously, switching from one task to another, or performing two or more tasks in rapid succession. It is believed by many (who do it) to be effective, despite the research that says we are up to 40% less productive when we do. We make mistakes. We don’t retain information and we actually take more time than if we did one thing at a time.

For some, the thing that drives the need to multi-task, is that everyone and everything else must be taken care of before taking care of self. Of course there is no end to everyone and everything else.

I always challenge clients to make themselves equally important to everyone and everything else. In so doing, personal goals and self-care behaviors have a much better chance at success. If you put yourself last it will always be a struggle. Now if I mention that while you’re driving or washing dishes you just might miss it.

Where is your mind? Try doing one thing instead of everything. Presence. That’s the best way to get the most out of anything.