Taking the Long Shot

Taking the Long Shot
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

On a recent night, according to forecasters, there would be a good chance of seeing the northern lights – weather permitting. So, instead of tucking into bed my husband and I headed west of the city, then faced north to wait for the really big show.

Nothing happened.

It was a long shot. No regrets. As the saying goes, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” If we hadn’t ventured out we would have wondered if we had missed a rare opportunity.

As I hadn’t witnessed the aurora borealis in about forty years, there was a certain excitement about the possibility.

Is there a well-timed opportunity of which you might take advantage?
What might you do if the potential benefits were high and the risks were low?
What do you stand to gain? What are the risks, if any?
Where have you taken a long shot and scored?

Addressing your weight, for example, might feel like a long shot and can feel risky. Making small changes one after another will likely feel safer. If you focus on what you have to gain – a light show – versus what you’re giving up – sleep – the journey can be exciting. Getting really clear about why you’re taking action helps immensely.

A painting I’m working on of the northern lights is the real reason we headed out into the night. My intention was to enlighten the painting process by witnessing the light.

The individual steps that make up a life of balanced wellness are well worth what you might give up. You never know when you might experience a little magic. You just have to show up. Go for the long shot.