EFT Group Testimonials

About the class, I appreciated the atmosphere of acceptance and trust that you created. Tapping was an easy process to learn, very calming, and it’s guiding me to discover and release what’s holding me back. I don’t feel stuck anymore. After taking the class, I feel that my body is my ally. All that stress and anxiety about food – my body was just trying to get my attention!

I was walking to the office last week when I had a craving for a chocolate bar. I did the gamut (hand) points about 5 times and had no further craving! – Anonymous

When I first read about this I thought it’s just “positive thinking” or something like that, but the act of tapping and touch and saying “its okay to be this way” to yourself and out loud if possible just works. – Anonymous

I am really grateful for tapping. However it works, it definitely is another tool that I can use when working through cravings or difficult situations. I even used it for the class I was taking to get over some of the anxiety I was having with the public speaking and group work.  – Christina