EFT Coaching Testimonials

Claudette, you have been my miracle worker. I feel like I have dropped 100 lbs. of stress and worry. EFT is truly remarkable in neutralizing the negative emotions. It excites me that this technique can be used for so many purposes and I will forever be an avid supporter. It works.

I want to thank you for being such a wonderful coach. You had so many kind words and have such a gentle way in reminding me of my value and worth. I know that much of what I go through in current stressful moments stem from earlier times and memories and what I created from those memories. And to be able to use EFT to get through that was very cool. I really enjoyed it. And I really like that when we finished tapping, I knew in an instant by how light or heavy I was feeling, whether the feelings were gone or not. So thanks so much for reminding me of how effective EFT can be. It was a great experience for sure! – Karen, Calgary