12 Week Group Testimonials

12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness Testimonials

Group program – University of Alberta Anonymous Participants

“My behaviors and values are better aligned.”

“I have improved my diet, lost weight (already) – feel better about who I am.”

“My life is not yet perfectly in balance, but I have made tremendous strides in bringing back my quality of life and enjoyment in my profession.”

“The 12 Weeks to Wellness program has enabled me to make significant changes to my life. These are changes I had wanted to make for a long time, and had tried numerous other ways to achieve these results . . . I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this program.”


“I took the 12 Weeks to Weight and Wellness Group Program in 2008 and again in 2009. While I experienced weight-loss consistently during that time and since then, it was the principals of mind-body connection that have brought fortitude to my wellness journey. When I’ve had periods of small gains, I have not been de-railed. My philosophy has shifted away from “all-or-nothing” to a much bigger picture of my personal worth. This paradigm shift in self-perception has allowed me to become fit and healthy in a way that cannot be achieved through traditional weight-loss strategies. Self awareness and soul work is critical to successful weight loss. If life change is what you’re seeking, this program is for you.”
– Sheryl Savard


“I just wanted to thank you for your support during the 12 Weeks to Wellness program. I really do feel that it helped.

If you remember my goal was to get fit for my beach holiday in the Dominican! Well I have just returned and had a fantastic time. Although I did not quite meet my weight goal I did begin to love my body again. I did not buy a bikini, and I do regret it because I could have, instead I wore a pretty one piece. Every type of body size was there and no one would have cared! In reality I think the more skin seen the less conspicuous one is!

I have lost about 6 pounds overall and feel good about myself. I rode my bike to work up until December 2nd and then the snow came! But, now William and I can go skiing! I am really glad I met you.”
– A.S. Edmonton


“Thank you Claudette! I went to my physician yesterday for my 3 month check up and my diabetes is under control now. The lab tests are all within normal limits. Since the program with you, I’ve lost 15 lbs just by eating the right things, smaller portions, more often. I don’t miss my parking spot. Thanks again for all your work with us. I have been recommending this program to others.

I might add that the timing of the consultation with the dietician was perfect, right after I received my diagnosis. I can read package labels, which is so empowering. I think that aspect of the program was particularly important for me.

I should also say that losing weight was not my goal. My goal was stress management. I’m taking on an administrative position July 1, with optimism and energy. I was able to negotiate my terms using what we learned – I stuck with my values and beliefs. In hindsight I would not be applying what I learned as effectively if my husband did not attend the course. I still hear you through his voice!”

– Anonymous, June, 2007


” I have continued to use the Tuesday noon hours for self-reflection and self-improvement. A group of us have a yoga instructor come to our work place. This started in August 2007 and continues. Also, I meet another member in “my” 12 weeks to wellness group monthly over coffee to talk about our goals and refer back to material covered when we were in the group together. Recently she joined our yoga group!

The changes in meals at home are applied to the children’s lunches and snacks. The habit of self-reflection, which started in the program, continues and has made a critical difference in my vision of my career path and personal life. In these ways, the mentorship you provided during the 12-weeks-to-wellness program has taken on various forms of mentorship provided by colleagues, a yoga instructor, a previous co-attendee and my family. My children appreciate there are foods they can eat but I can’t and will ask me if I am allowed to eat what I’m eating, or as much of it as I am eating. They are usually right, those are the times when I “slip” – mentorship from my kids.”
– Anonymous Continued, March, 2008