Group Programs

Group Programs

The input from, and support of, others in similar circumstances is an important part of the dynamic created in a group learning environment. The consistency and structure of a set schedule ensures participants have a framework to stay motivated and on track.

Mental Fitness for Your Best Self

  • 7 one-hour videos by Shirzad Chamine
  •  8 group sessions via Zoom, led by Wellness Coach, Claudette Pelletier-Hannah
  •  One-year access to the Positive Intelligence app that includes: Daily Focus, Coach Challenges, the Mental Fitness Gym, community support and audio of the first 8 chapters of the Positive Intelligence book

This program is founded on recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive therapy, positive psychology and performance science. With the guidance and support of a dedicated app used daily you can improve your mental fitness significantly in 7 weeks of practice. These results are visible in MRI imaging and felt viscerally right from the get-go.


Mental Fitness for Your Best Weight

It’s much the same as above. The difference is in the participants whose primary interest is weight loss. This is addressed through the weekly live and online group discussions.

12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness

  • 12, one-hour group sessions
  • 140-page workbook included
  • One-hour coaching session with stress assessment and ‘10-Minute Wonder’ goal process (optional)

12 Weeks is a non-diet, whole-life approach to lasting lifestyle change and long-term weight management. But it’s not all about your weight. This istruly a wellness program that offers much more than the typical eat less and move more approach. Content covers a wide variety of topics, including: understanding the stages of change, identifying personal core values, managing stress, curbing emotional eating and managing cravings.

Small and large group discussion and experiential exercises build in learning and support.

Call: Claudette at 780.481.0313 or Email: for pricing.

12 Weeks Fast Track is a condensed version of 12 weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness, delivered in six weeks. It is meant to shorten the duration of a 12-week commitment, not to hasten weight loss! Consequently, weekly content and workload are increased.

Call: Claudette at 780.481.0313 or Email: for pricing.

Bouncing Back

  •  Six, one-hour group sessions
  •  80-page workbook included
  • Online assessments included

Bouncing Back provides extensive self-assessment, fostering awareness of levels and impacts of stress. You will establish a vision of your desired state and implement many strategies to support achieving that vision. Strategies include: simplifying, setting boundaries, increasing optimism, and practicing self-care and mindfulness. Taking action on your stress enables you to be more resilient, productive and joyful during difficult times.

Call: Claudette at 780.481.0313 or Email: for pricing.

The Taste of Now

  • Two, one and a half hour sessions
  • 30-page workbook
  • food samples included

The Taste of Now is a two-part program that brings consciousness to all aspects of food and eating. It’s about how, where, when and why you eat – designed to set you free from the struggle with food and excess weight. It changes the way you feel about food and the way you eat it. The Taste works in a public or corporate environment, as well as a home event with friends.

The Taste is also offered as a Self-Study Program

From Stress to Success with EFT Tapping

This is an introductory  EFT program offered through Metro Continuing Education at different times of year.

Are you struggling to achieve your goals? If you’re stuck you likely hold unconscious beliefs that are in contradiction to what you say and think you want, stopping you—before you even start. You will learn to clarify your goals in a way that identifies all your obstacles so that you can eliminate them, using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, also known as Tapping). You can increase your motivation and energy to succeed in any area of your life. EFT combines western psychology with eastern medicine.

Customized workshops and presentations are also available.




“Let‘s face the music and dance.”

―Irving Berlin

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