Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

Do you justify working late at night with talk about high standards and performance?
Do you have difficulty trusting others, or the universe?
Do you need to have control?

Are you willing to consider that you might be a perfectionist? I know what it is because I go there too.

An all-or-nothing pattern regarding weight loss is another aspect of perfectionism. It looks like this. You’re either following your plan to a T or you’re eating like there’s no tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Who is putting this pressure on you to do everything right? Take some weight off of those load-bearing shoulders and relax. Relax your rules. Relax your mind. Get comfortable with deviations from the path, the mistakes and screw-ups. Whatever you want to call it, it’s all part of the process. Get used to the idea of being human. That’s what I like to call it.

How about shooting for 70 or 80% instead of 100%? Experiment with your humanity until you find the place that gets you the results you want. Achieving 100% perfection ain’t it because you can’t keep that up. And you want to keep it up, right?

There is just no such thing as perfection. Unless of course we talk about your current state, the current you, the world as it is – perfectly imperfect!

There’s nothing wrong with high standards, except if it causes you, and/or those around you, more stress than a lower standard. Maybe you could accept yourself exactly as you are, with all your blemishes. Practice trust. Don’t worry. These are not concepts that breed complacency. Rather, they are a perfect place from which to grow – imperfectly.