Renewing Walls and Weaknesses

Renewing Walls and Weaknesses
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

The main floor of our house in in disarray as we prepare to paint the walls.

Do you know what happens when you have to move everything you own to patch and prep your walls for painting?

For starters, you’re living in a bit of chaos and seeing some dust. But what’s really interesting is that there’s suddenly a spotlight on your space and everything in it. It forces you to see everything differently. Do I like this/want this/need this? Is this space working?

Taking a little inventory of your surroundings and evaluating can’t hurt, as clearing and cleaning stuff will lift your energy. Goodwill will thank you for your donations too.

Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth and . . . re-painting. It’s also a good time to look inward, to do some self-assessment about the wonderful you.

How about shining a spotlight on some areas of your life that might be getting dusty and overlooked? Before you answer these questions make sure you are answering them from your best self, not from judgment. This will yield a more truthful and beneficial response.

  • What habits or behaviours could you let go?
  • What committees, memberships or lists are no longer important?
  • What relationships need a little more, or less, attention?
  • Where would you like to enhance your performance?

Many projects take longer than we think they will. And we are all works in progress, not meant to ever be perfect.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal initiative or a reno project; don’t let it get you down. Consider that there is always a reward. Look to that desired end result for motivation.

Fresh, clean walls are what we get from painting. But that’s small in comparison to letting go of bad habits, or bad vibes, that can potentially enhance our experience here on earth.

Now that I look around with a sharp focus it would be a great time to get some new furniture. (Projects always cost more too.) And I’m going to talk nice to my hubby for the great prep work.