Finding My Mojo for 900 More Workouts

Finding My Mojo for 900 More Workouts
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

On a particularly gloomy, unmotivated day, I actually questioned the value of working out. I very nearly talked myself out of it. And, like always, a few minutes into it I was back on track. The tough part is showing up. Doing the work is secondary.

I made a commitment to myself that day. I will continue to lift weights until I’m 70 years old. Then I will re-evaluate. Seriously. (900 plus workouts to go.)

Since Covid coincided with a shoulder injury and the closing of my gym, I lost some strength I’ve never recovered while working out at home. That was part of my mind chatter that day. “What’s the point?” I asked myself. But then the answers rushed in.

My Top Reasons for Being Active
Stress release

Other Important Reasons/Benefits
– Physical strength
– Mood enhancement
– Injury prevention
– Cognitive function
– Posture
– Flexibility
– Disease prevention and management
– Appearance and/or weight management
– Energy
– Sleep

With such a long list of benefits it’s surprising it can be so hard to get to the business of physical activity. But it is. You know what I’m talking about. If you want to be active the key is to choose the activity you will do, then commit to it – with a schedule.

I just cannot/will not get myself in a swimming pool in the middle of winter. Running lost its appeal years ago. But I like lifting weights, cycling and yoga.

What activity is most desirable, or least awful, to you? Walking? Team sports? Dance? Pickle ball? Does your activity need to be: fun, fast, indoors, outdoors, in a group or solitary?

If you’re ambivalent, you don’t need to commit for years ahead like me, try one month, or even a week. If you’re still kicking after that time, commit to another week or month. No one regrets being active after the fact. You will always feel better, notwithstanding some muscle stiffness.

Why do you floss your teeth, shovel your walks, or get mammograms? It’s not likely for the pleasure of it. There are good reasons you do. Know your reasons. Why is it important for you to be active? That’s where you find your mojo to show up.

Am I going to count down to age 70? Definitely not! What I will do is keep to my schedule and notice the immediate benefits. I will allow myself to celebrate, to feel that sense of accomplishment for having pulled off yet another workout – every time I do it.

If you are active, keep going. I celebrate you.