Morning Mastery – Only the Eggs get Scrambled

Morning Mastery – Only the Eggs get Scrambled
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

While on a cruise vacation with my sister tribe last week I had a complete change of routine. That’s the whole idea, right? First of all, I wasn’t working. I didn’t have internet access. I didn’t cook or clean, buy groceries or fill up my car . . . I didn’t have a car!! And I didn’t miss any of that, but I did miss my morning meditation. It just wasn’t part of the cruise itinerary.

Do you have a morning routine? Just like it’s important to have evening sleep rituals, how you start your day can influence the rest of it – good or bad.

Do you hit snooze three times before you drag your butt out of bed? Are you unapproachable and incompetent without coffee? Without sufficient sleep everything is more difficult, starting with getting up in the morning. Shoot for 7 – 8 hours, but know thyself.

About that alarm, honor it. Whatever time you choose to rise, act on it. You gain credibility with yourself and start the day off right, feeling empowered versus defeated.

Typically, I start every day with 30 minutes of meditation. It’s something I look forward to, consequently making it easier to get out of bed. It also sets the right tone for my day. Counting your blessings, or visualizing your ideal day might also have a positive effect. You can do this before you get out of bed, or as you drift off to sleep at night.

You get to choose. How do you want your day to look? It’s best to put in a little time planning your day the night before, like what you’re going to wear, or what you’re going to eat. Planning your meals leads to better food choices.

The day’s priorities and post work activities for the following day can also be considered before you put your head down at night. But don’t wait for the last minute. That could lead to sleeplessness instead of preparedness.

Some people enjoy the boost of early morning exercise. Others? Not so much.

When you’re primed and ready for the day ahead you save yourself a scramble in the morning. You’re not forgetting your lunch in the fridge or chasing your tail all day long. You’re cruising.