Looking for Gifts in The Perfect Storm

Looking for Gifts in The Perfect Storm
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

On the morning I was to deliver a session over Zoom to sixteen people my internet connection kept dropping. I had been having some issues, but had not yet made the call to my provider. Five minutes into the session the connection dropped again and I couldn’t get it going.

The storm was just getting started.

While I was trying to get back online I learned that my number one son had been in contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19, this, from the first day of his new job. That’s very concerning, but there’s more.

We worried that son One’s status would put son Two’s field placement in a local hospital in jeopardy after only his first day. (It didn’t.)

With son One in quarantine in our basement and son Two distancing in a hotel room, we tried to carry on like all was normal. After all, we had family from out of town staying with us.

Until we had this brush with Covid-19 I did not personally experience the many tentacles of the pandemic – and we’re getting off easy. With one person diagnosed there are always many more involved and at risk. A business has shut down. Jobs are suspended or possibly lost. And our internet provider could not enter without a negative test result. Fortunately, we did receive the desired result and have finally received internet service. Hallelujah!

While that first day of the storm was the most difficult, there are still a few lingering clouds. It’s been mostly good news, but the quarantine must continue for 14 days regardless of a negative test, for example. And at the time of writing we will have experienced eight days without internet service.

There are always gifts and opportunities, if only we can find it within ourselves to look for them.
• My cell phone works.
• Our circumstances have an end date.
• Internet service has been upgraded and restored.
• I get to tell my story and teach a little something.
• I have many strategies I use to cope with stress.
• My clients are understanding.
• I have support.
• My group of 16 carried on a half-hour discussion without me. (Now that’s commitment!)

By looking for the gifts and opportunities we engage a different part of the brain. It certainly feels better. And we function better. We can’t access our highest self when we’re focused on what’s wrong or bad. That’s akin to keeping our hand on a hot stove.

I hope Covid is not reaching you or your family. In any case, we all have some additional stress right now. Look for the gifts and opportunities. Give it a try, especially if you’re experiencing a really big storm. It could change the weather and the forecast.