Laugh or Cry – You Choose

Laugh or Cry – You Choose
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

I just spent $673.05 on the repair of two major appliances. (No, it’s not the fridge door I wrote about earlier. The duct tape is still holding.) After seven years in this house everything is falling apart. But this post is not about ranting and raving. . . okay, maybe a little.

A half hour later, appliances repaired, I checked my mailbox. What did I find but a cheque for $675.15.

What would you think at such a moment? “Great timing! Thank-you God, clients and letter carrier. I’m up $2.10!!” Or would you think, “So much for that. Easy come, easy go”?

I confess my first thought was more along the line of “Easy come, easy go.” But as I did the math I had to chuckle. And chuckling feels much better than ranting and raving.

If it feels difficult to get ahead, in any way, it might be your perspective. I am actually ahead – by $2.10. I’m making a note of that. Some days it might go the other way. While two bucks doesn’t warrant a trip to Disneyland, it does warrant a wee bit of gratitude.

I get to choose – to laugh or to cry. Poor me or lucky me. If you believe you’re lucky, or unlucky, you are. You’ll see all kinds of evidence to back up your belief. The universe listens and responds accordingly.

I wonder how I should spend my profit. Feeling lucky.