Hey you, with the Concrete Shoes!

Hey you, with the Concrete Shoes!
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

I’ve recently put the lid on a couple of stressors. Phew! That took some weight off my shoulders. Picture my happy dance (if you dare).

Have you ever noticed the bigger the stressor the happier the dance? You are dancing, aren’t you? Or are you more likely to deal with one task or stressor after the other without taking time to celebrate? That would be unfortunate. How long do you think it takes to celebrate?

A trip to Disneyland might be in order, but it’s not required. Celebrating starts with noticing, then can be as simple as wallowing in your win for a few dedicated minutes. You could share your moment with someone. A happy dance is always in order. Involving the physical body entrenches the feeling.

It’s important to acknowledge our accomplishments, including the steps along the way. Why? When we do that we build our esteem and consequently our self-efficacy. Our resilience strengthens. There will certainly be more challenges ahead that will call upon our efficacy and resilience.

Of course rewards and celebrations the world over often involve food or drink. But they don’t have to. If you plan your reward in advance you can avoid the easy, go-to consumables. Music and dance are also found the world over. What are you dealing with now? What might be a suitable reward when it’s done?

Not every stressor has an end, or a consistent streak of wins along the way, but that doesn’t mean it should be void of celebration. Did you handle a tough situation well today? Take a bow.

Taking risks can feel frightening. I know. I’m the original scaredy cat. Try looking forward to how happy/relieved/proud . . . you will feel at the end – and dance!

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