Finding Moderation During Isolation

Finding Moderation During Isolation
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

While I am immensely grateful for technology during this time of physical isolation, I am also experiencing a little too much of it.

Bingeing on Netflix might have its limits too.

And Easter is here. Yes, it might be possible to have too much chocolate.

What to do?

Oscar Wilde said. “Everything in Moderation including Moderation.” Sometimes it’s hard to live by that. We are all coping in the best way we know how. Besides, all these behaviors have their place. Where would we be without technology, for example? I can hardly bear to think about that.

If you’re overindulging in drinking beer or baking bread and you want to reel it in, here’s a little something that might help.

Think about a continuum. On the one end is the full-on, binge behavior. We’ll call that end zero. On the other end is perfect behavior – 100%. Neither extreme is healthy or even enjoyable. But somewhere along the line you’ll find moderation, balance. Ahhhh

Balance might be found at about 80/20 on the line. Or, it might be another ratio that gets you where you want to go. You are neither bingeing nor depriving yourself.

Where do you see yourself right now with any behavior you’re concerned about? If you’re reversed, as in 20/80, shooting for 40/60 could be a great improvement. Work from wherever you are.

Be mindful and honest with yourself as you kindly nudge yourself in the desired direction on the line. Remember that kindness and self-acceptance will improve your outcomes. Judgment and condemnation will not.

That said, have a Happy Easter with just the right amount of chocolate. Not too little, not too much.