Eat Whatever you Want

Eat Whatever you Want
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

Yup. You can eat whatever you want. You can have ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can stay up all night watching movies too, for that matter. You can even call in sick tomorrow.

These things have always been true, but what prevents you from having ice cream three times a day? Is it fear of a bellyache, obesity or diabetes? Being judged? Guilt?

The part of you that thinks you can’t or shouldn’t have those empty carbs just makes you want them all the more. Yes? The rebellious child inside of you wants that forbidden fruit.

There’s the rub. Perhaps the problem is in the forbidding. If you allowed yourself ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner would you still want it? For how long would you actually enjoy it? If it weren’t forbidden would it be as satisfying? Not likely.

Instead of obsessing about what you shouldn’t have, but really want, then berating yourself for having it, try eating what you want and actually enjoying it.

Diet culture has taught us this struggle of deprivation and guilt. If this is you, consider that all food is food. One food is not a treat, or more special over another food. You’re not bad if you have it. It’s only your thinking that makes it so.

Giving special status to certain foods can complicate things for your physical health, but also emotionally. If you look to food to cheer you up you will always be caught in this trap of needing the special food that will do that. That’s not what food is meant to do.

Obviously you understand the consequences of an ice cream diet and that’s probably why you’re not on one. But of course you should still have ice cream. You know you have the right balance if you’re where you want to be in terms of weight and other aspects of health – and food is just food.

As always, accept yourself no matter what and get professional support if you need it.