Confusing Spirit with Spirits and other Distractions

Confusing Spirit with Spirits and other Distractions
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

Having an idyllic Christmas with unfettered joy amongst family and friends might seem like a big challenge.

We feel pressure to feel and/or create deep joy during the holidays. Yet we can go after it in all kinds of weird ways that have us feeling anything but joyful.

The solution is not where we put our efforts. It’s not about the guest list or accepting every social invite. It’s not about candles or thousands of lights, picture perfect homes, or Martha Stewart baking either.

If you think about a favorite holiday experience what was it that made the spirit come alive for you? It’s probably about the small stuff.

Holiday spirit, like any spirit, comes from presence, not presents. It comes from deep connection versus the buckshot approach and loving acceptance versus conditional love.

If you want to feel the spirit:
• Slow down. Be mindful. Unplug.
• Get some sleep. It’s fundamental to being your best self.
• Eat your veggies. Too many cheese balls and highballs will drain your energy.
• Move your body. You know physical activity makes you feel alive.
• Be grateful for what is.

I know what you’re thinking.
“You don’t know my family.”
“Have you any idea how busy I am?”
“But it’s tradition!”

No matter what your circumstance, the above recommendations that will serve you every day will serve you now too. The trouble is we tend to let everything that supports us go out the window because we’re caught up in the distractions of the season.

If you’re feeling crunched, remember that it’s okay to say no to what doesn’t fit. You just might find your spirit in that space you create.