Choosy About Chocolate

Choosy About Chocolate
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

On Valentine’s Day I received some lovely chocolates from a chocolate shop, well they were from my Valentine, actually. He proudly assured me they were dark chocolate. I was so excited, until I took a bite.

Full disclosure: I am a bit choosy about my chocolate. 85% cacao is just right for me.

I bit into the little Valentine delicacy to taste a very sweet filling that hurt my teeth. Not to appear totally ungrateful, I ate another, hoping for better luck. Equally sweet.

Whereby I typically consume a 100 g bar of 85% chocolate over a couple of weeks, I scarfed those 10 or 12 little morsels I didn’t really like in a couple of days. I didn’t really understand why I was doing that. Then it occurred to me.

Not one to give up, I kept trying to get the satisfaction of dark chocolate, but I wasn’t really succeeding due to the sweet fillings. I kept trying.

Does this sound like you? You have a craving for a certain food. Then, trying to avoid it because you perceive it to be forbidden, you overeat trying to get that need met with other foods that don’t satisfy. Eventually, you succumb to that most craved, tempting thing anyway.

The solution? Have that thing you really want. Yes, now let me add some guidelines.

• Serve yourself a portion.
• Put it on a plate.
• Sit at a table.
• Eat it slowly and mindfully.
• If it doesn’t satisfy you, don’t eat it.

The result? Your health, pride and pantry remain intact. You’ll enjoy it more and you might not need to eat as much of it as you think you need.

Nothing should be forbidden. Do you know why? Deprivation can lead to a binge. I’m not suggesting it’s okay to fill up on junk. But it is important to leave room to enjoy what you most love now and then.

My dad used to give my mom chrysanthemums. She didn’t like chrysanthemums, but never bothered to tell him.

My Valentine probably thinks I loved those chocolates because I devoured them in short order. I should probably tell him I prefer bittersweet chocolate more than creamy fillings. But . . . he probably picked up on that. We’ve been married a long time. Hopefully I’m still his Valentine as he is mine.