A Surefire Way to Torpedo your Motivation

A Surefire Way to Torpedo your Motivation
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

Have you ever said something like this? “Gosh darn it anyway, (or stronger language) I’m going to lose some weight and get fit and healthy if it kills me!” So you set out to change all your bad habits at once.

And it just about kills you.

You follow a strict diet – to the T, cutting out all the foods you really enjoy. Alcohol is off limits too, of course. As is eating out, or socializing where food is involved . . . (There is always food involved.)

Then there’s that thing about exercise. Every day is recommended. Even if you haven’t exercised in months or years, you’re squeezing in a half-hour a day despite your lapsed fitness in your already full, stressed-out life.

In less than two or three weeks all this exemplary behavior collapses. Why? Because when you try to do everything at once, and do it perfectly, it’s just too hard. It’s not sustainable! There’s too much trying.

The solution?





at a time. Make mistakes. Be human. Forgive yourself. Have patience. When you do it this way, you can do it forever. Motivation won’t come and go with the seasons. Moderation = Motivation.

You’ll know moderation is working if you manage to lose some weight and get fit and healthy over time. If you’re not getting there maybe you’re being a little too human.