7 Ways to Maintain your Health and Svelteness on a Caribbean Cruise

7 Ways to Maintain your Health and Svelteness on a Caribbean Cruise
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

The appeal of a cruise vacation is different for everyone. For me it was all about hanging out with my four sisters. For some it’s to see several locations in a short period of time without unpacking a suitcase every night. And for others it’s unlimited eats and drinks. The latter is obviously not the formula for optimum health. Of course I’m always here for you to help with that.

In order to avoid vacation weight gain remember these simple guidelines when you board the cruise ship.

1. Use the stairs. With the bars and entertainment on the 2nd level, shopping on the 3rd, cabins on the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th, and Lido Deck on the 9th, sun decks and gym on the 10th, there are countless opportunities to climb. Just getting to your cabin a couple times a day can be a stroll. These are not dingy, grey stairwells. They’re central. They’re open. And resting part way is perfectly acceptable.

I loved this aspect of cruising, as I was compelled to move so much more than when living and working in my comparatively minuscule bungalow. In my mind I reserve the elevators for the people who can’t climb, as there are many on board.

2. Don’t sample everything at the buffet. You have several days to experience the variety of foods available. Before you serve yourself, check out all the options. Then choose judiciously, with balance in mind. Vegetables are sparse, but there’s always the salad bar.

3. Order just what you need to be satisfied. In the dining room you order from a menu, like any restaurant, except there’s no bill to pay at the end. As a result, the temptation is to order more than you need. The servers encourage it. Think about donning your swimsuit if you need a motivator to reel you in.

4. Don’t buy the drink package. Pay per drink, just like you do at home. You’ll probably drink a lot less and you won’t be up until all hours trying to get your money’s worth. No nutrition here, but lots and lots of potential calories.

5. Stay out of the casino. The house always wins; but more importantly, it’s full of cigarette smoke.

6. Work out on sea days, at least. You’ve still got the whole day to kick back if you want to. No job, no housework, no cooking or grocery shopping, remember? Every ship has a gym and fitness classes. And you can log thousands of steps just moving around the ship.

7. Use sunscreen. It’s hot out there. ‘Nuf said?

With a little attention, the only fat deposit will be the monetary one you pay up front. And the only weight you will carry home will be your luggage.