7 Questions to Ask Yourself to Stay Committed

7 Questions to Ask Yourself to Stay Committed
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

When an enthusiastic client asked me how she could stay committed to her goals I asked what commitment would look like to her. “Is it about perfect performance?”

Even the most committed people have off days.

Sadly, weight loss goals usually come with that all-or-nothing perfectionist thinking. Aiming for perfection is not a good path to sustained commitment. When you’re doing everything right (all-in) you’re excited and committed. When all-in feels like too much you get discouraged and the nothing phase kicks in. Commitment can vanish for long periods of time.

It’s better to expect blips and slides in your progress. They’re inevitable. Accept them and accept yourself. In this way you get back to your commitment sooner – guaranteed – versus getting stuck in the nothing phase.

In so far as I can tell, I have been writing articles like this consistently for 17 years. It hasn’t always been weekly, but it’s always been a consistent schedule. I’d call that commitment.

I committed to writing because it was a form of relationship building with which I felt most comfortable and confident. Networking? Not so much. I like writing. It’s challenging in a way that I enjoy. I get to tell stories and share what I know. I am utilizing my strengths. It’s satisfying.

What happens when your commitment fades? The potential is for slovenly work, negative attitude, resentment or burnout. If it’s your weight and wellness commitment that’s wandering it could look like staying up too late, eating on the run, procrastinating, bingeing or gaining weight.

If you feel your commitment slide ask yourself:
1. Do I need to change something up?
2. What can I let go instead of quitting?
3. Do I need to call in support?
4. What’s working and what’s not?
5. What strengths can I bring to the foreground?

It might also be helpful to re-evaluate your original intention.
6. Why did I make that commitment in the first place?
7. Is it still important?

Commitment to a goal doesn’t mean perfect performance. It means you’re promising to do your best. Some days your best is less. With that your commitment is sustainable!

I’ve been doing some evaluating myself. Perhaps I’ve been a little too consistent with my newsletter for too long. As a result I’m currently feeling less inspired and need a break. It’s still important, so I’m going to shift to writing monthly for now. You might see announcements from time to time, but you can watch for new articles on the first Friday of every month. That’s my commitment.