ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching is another specialized form of life coaching.

Like any coaching partnership, coach and client work together to overcome challenges getting in the way of the client’s success. In the case of ADHD coaching, the challenges are related to ADHD.

(Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are used interchangeably throughout this site, although ADHD is the current medical term, regardless if hyperactivity is present.)

Potential Topics for Coaching

Things like inattention, impulsivity, organization, time management, and of course sleep, as well as other elements of health and wellness are all potential topics for coaching. Yes, everyone struggles with these issues from time to time, but for people who have ADHD it can be significant.

While ADHD coaching might look like a huge departure from wellness coaching, it’s not. Basic coping strategies for thriving with ADHD are sleep, diet and exercise. And coaching is coaching. The skills of active listening, effective questioning and eliciting your greatness all apply, regardless of specialty or topic.

As your coach I bring specific training and experience with ADHD, together with coaching skills, to support you to achieve your goals, in spite of your challenges with ADHD. Coaching is targeted to your individual needs and preferences.

ADHD coaching, too, is holistic. It focuses on the whole person, not just the disorder. In fact, a good part of the focus is strengths-based. You probably already know your weaknesses inside and out. We don’t need to shine a light on them.

A focused structure and built-in accountability that includes frequent reporting and reminder systems are included.

You will be supported and encouraged every step of the way. And every step counts. With coaching you will learn to be more effective in many aspects of your life.

How is ADHD getting in the way of what you most want to accomplish? With a coach in your corner we can work through it.

If you are ready and committed to work towards change, choose from these two options:

Option 1: Open Coaching

Coaching has a completely open format without agenda or set program to follow, tailored to your needs and interests. After a preliminary conversation to confirm that what you’re looking for is what I provide, we begin by identifying, more specifically, your goals for coaching. Then, in each scheduled coaching session, we address what you’re ready to work on, identifying opportunities, commitments, and removing barriers to success.

Option 2: “Crush Your ADD” One-on-One

This is a one-on-one coaching program based on the ADD CrusherTM video series. It includes ten, individual coaching sessions based on each of the ten, short video segments. Learn More

Coaching does not replace therapy or medication, and is not ideal for people with a variety of other conditions that might get in the way of coaching.

While medication is beneficial for many people, it doesn’t provide systems and strategies for coping. But, it might put you in a better place to be able to learn and implement systems and strategies.

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