12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness

12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness*

This is a weight-loss program tailored just for you because it’s delivered one-on-one. If you shy away from groups or can’t seem to get to one, this is your ideal format. You will appreciate scheduling flexibility, confidential, one-on-one support and the opportunity to get specific and choose the focus.

What is 12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness?

It’s a non-diet, whole-life approach to lasting lifestyle change and long-term weight management. But it’s not all about your weight. If you want something more or different for yourself, this is definitely a program for change.

12 Weeks facilitates learning and self-awareness. It is a great foundation of information, tools and strategies to launch a personal wellness initiative. The journey starts here.

How it Works

Simply put, whatever you have going on in your busy, potentially stress-filled life impacts your weight, your health and your state of being. Where many weight-loss programs put all the focus on your body, as in “eat less and move more,” 12 Weeks comes from a holistic mind, body and spiritual approach that makes it truly a wellness program. When you attend to your whole life, versus just your weight, you witness results in all aspects of your life, making it easier to lose weight. Some people say it seems like they’re not even trying.

More specifically, you are expected to come to each appointment (via telephone) having read a chapter and done your assignment (field work) from the previous week. We will celebrate your successes and work through any challenges so that you continue to move forward.

The greatest benefit often occurs between sessions as you explore and apply the learning. The beauty of this program is that you get out of it whatever you put into it and the focus is up to you. You are encouraged to work where you’re ready. Small steps are encouraged and celebrated.

This 12 Weeks one-on-one offer includes:

  • 12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness 140 page workbook
  • Stress assessment
  • One-hour session to review Stress assessment and begin goal setting process
  • Twelve, 40-minute, telephone coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email follow-up and support

If what you’re doing now isn’t working, work with a coach and start doing something different that does. What have you got to lose?

As a result of your participation in this program you can expect to:

  • Understand personal triggers and responses to stress
  • Develop healthy coping strategies
  • Know yourself much better
  • Set goals confidently and successfully
  • Be supported and challenged
  • Be inspired and empowered
  • Move towards work/life balance
  • Lose weight in a slow and sustainable way
  • Feel better about self
  • Improve overall health

Call Claudette at 780 481-0313, or email, and see if this is the program for you.

12 Weeks is also offered as a group program, for both public and corporate audiences.