About Claudette

Working as a graphic designer for many years provided opportunity to express my creative side, but I eventually wanted something more. I transitioned from working with words and images in visual communication to working directly with people and honing the art of listening and effective questioning. I trained to be a life coach. Facilitating wellness programs for government, corporate, educational and public audiences, together with coaching individuals, currently provides a wonderful balance of challenge and reward. For many years I have delivered programs on everything from self-care to team building, learning a great deal about personality and human behavior in the process. I am consumed by the study of personal growth and human potential. Coaching a variety of people on their personal and/or professional goals, I have logged more than 700 hours.

Weight and Wellness

As I naturally gravitate to all things healthy, I have targeted my business specifically in the area of weight and wellness. I have written over 70 articles on the subject and have developed a variety of programs. As a weight and wellness coach, I support people who want to work towards a healthier weight and a more balanced, fulfilling life. A holistic approach supports clients in achieving sustainable weight loss, as well as a great life.

As your coach you can expect me to:

  • start where you are
  • challenge and support you
  • keep you focused and moving forward
  • provide objective perspective, knowledge, coaching expertise and resources
  • ask powerful questions
  • really listen

It is my intent to bring out your best and to get you to a place where you have success and confidence so that you no longer need my services. I believe people are naturally capable, creative and resourceful. As a coach, my job is to empower you to access the solutions, skills, resources and creativity that you already have, in order to maximize your potential.

My Training

Coach U is a leading, global, coach training organization founded in 1992. Coach U is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I spent over two years in training, graduating in 2001.

I have studied Motivational Interviewing, Levels I and II. In addition, I have taken specific training to coach people who have AD/HD through the American Coaching Association.

More recently, I completed training in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and hold EFT Intermediate Practitioner I certification. EFT is a stress-reduction technique often called tapping. The techniques involve tapping on specific acupuncture points to collapse all kinds of problems and stressors, including: food cravings, pain, fears, etc. Rigorous scientific research has established EFT as an evidence-based method.


I am a member of the International Coach Federation and the Edmonton Charter Chapter of the International Coach Federation.


On the personal side, I have two sons and one husband. My idea of a good day made great is when my family of four is together for dinner. I actually love vegetables, working out and driving to Saskatchewan.